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Lucie Holmgreen (Psychological Science)

Lucie Holmgreen published a book chapter, “Conservation of resources theory: Resource caravans and passageways in health contexts” in The Handbook of Stress and Health: A Guide to Research and Practice.

Heidi Meyer (Nursing)

Heidi Meyer presented a podium session at the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN’s) 2017 Baccalaureate Education Conference. The conference was focused on leadership and innovation in delivering high quality nursing programs. This presentation, titled “Integrating Emotional Intelligence Concepts in Teaching Practices: Academic Nurse Educators’ Experiences, Opinions, and Attitudes,” discussed pilot study results and […]

Amy Seham (Theatre and Dance)

Northwestern University Press has invited Amy Seham to write a follow-up to her first book, Whose Improv Is It, Anyway? The new book is expected in 2019.

Kristen Lowe (Art)

Kristen Lowe served on a jury panel for the Minnesota State Arts Board in the media arts category. Lowe served as a juror that selects recipients for a Minnesota state funded grant, The Artist Initiative Grant. The grant provides resources and time for artists to develop and advance their work in the public sphere.

Eric Dugdale (Classics) and Loramy Gerstbauer (Political Science)

Eric Dugdale¬† and Loramy Gerstbauer published an article, “Forms of Justice in Aeschylus’ Eumenides” in Polis, the Journal for Ancient Political Science. The article was part of the M√∂bius Initiative, which supports collaboration across disciplinary boundaries.

Elizabeth Baer (English)

Elizabeth Baer published her fifth book in November. Entitled The Genocidal Gaze: From German Southwest Africa to the Third Reich (Wayne State UP), the book delineates a genocide the Germans committed in their colony in Africa between 1904-1907, and demonstrates how that genocide served as a precursor to the Nazi Holocaust through the ideology and […]

Leila Brammer (Communication Studies)

Leila Brammer published a chapter, “Assessment though a Deliberative Pedagogy Learning Outcomes Rubric” in Deliberative Pedagogy (Michigan State University Press). Brammer also published a book chapter, “Deliberative Pedagogy as a Central Tenet: First-Year Students Develop a Course” in Deliberative Pedagogy (Michigan State University Press).

Lucie Holmgreen (Psychological Science)

Lucie Holmgreen published an article, “Men’s sexual coerciveness, perceptions of women’s attachment, and dating preferences” in Violence and Victims. Holmgreen published a study demonstrating that sexually coercive men may be more attracted to women with characteristics associated with sexual vulnerability. Additionally, her study shows that men perceive women differently based on women’s characteristic ways of […]

Heidi Meyer (Nursing)

Heidi Meyer received a Bremer Trust Fund grant to purchase a high-fidelity pediatric mannequin and additional supplies to furnish a simulation suite. This grant will help furnish one of the three simulation suites that the nursing department uses for innovative and engaged teaching and learning activities.

Betsy Byers (Art and Art History)

Betsy Byers received a Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council/McKnight Professional Mid-Career Artist Grant. The grant funding awarded will be used to create work based on the melting glaciers at Glacier National Park. Paintings will be exhibited at Rosalux Gallery in a solo exhibition in February of 2018.