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Faculty Spotlight: Jim Parejko

Jim Parejko (Biology) presented a poster titled “Methods for the Madness: Advancing Microbiology Teaching Labs on a Budget” at the 83rd annual North Central Branch meeting of the American Society for Microbiology at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Faculty Spotlight: Angela Walczyk

Angela Walczyk (Biology) published two research articles “Genome material costs and metabolic-tradeoffs in the autopolyploid Solidago gigantea (Giant Goldenrod, Asteraceae) series,” in the American Journal of Botany, and, “Investigating the effects of whole genome duplication on phenotypic plasticity: implications for the invasive success of Giant Goldenrod (Solidago gigantea),” in a special Issue of the journal […]

2022-23 Matthias Wahlstrom Lecture

Please join us Tuesday, April 18th, 2023, at 4:30pm in Beck Academic Hall, Room 101 for the seventh annual Matthias Wahlstrom Lecture. Pamela M Kittelson of Biology will present her talk entitled “Every new beginning comes from another beginning’s end.” President Rebecca Bergman will introduce Professor Kittelson, and refreshments will be provided for conversation after […]

Ngawang Gonsar, 2021 Provost’s Award for Teaching Excellence Winner

Ngawang Gonsar (Biology) was selected as the 2021 recipient of the Provost’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Presented each year at the final faculty meeting, this award recognizes a Gustavus non-tenure-track faculty member for significant contributions to teaching and learning.

Yuta Kawarasaki, 2020 Mansergh Faculty Scientific Research Award Winner

Yuta Kawarasaki (Biology) was selected as the 2020 recipient of the Mansergh Faculty Scientific Research Award. Presented each year at the final faculty meeting, this award recognizes a Gustavus faculty member for an outstanding peer-reviewed publication that contributes to the scholarly achievement and reputation of the faculty and the College.

Faculty Spotlight: Yuta Kawarasaki

Yuta Kawarasaki (Biology) contributed to an invited review article titled “Rapid cold hardening: ecological relevance, physiological mechanisms and new perspectives” with co-authors. The article was published in Journal of Experimental Biology.

Faculty Spotlight: Yuta Kawarasaki

Yuta Kawarasaki (Biology) published an article titled “Is rapid cold-hardening an aerobic process? Characterization of changes in metabolic activity during its induction and effects of anoxia in flesh fly” in Journal of Insect Physiology with coauthors Alyssa Welle ’19 and Michael Elnitsky.

Laura Burrack (Biology)

Maicy Vossen ’21, Hanaa Alhosawi ’21, Katie Aney ’18 and Laura Burrack published an article “CaMad2 Promotes Multiple Aspects of Genome Stability Beyond Its Direct Function in Chromosome Segregation” in Genes.

Keenan Hartert (Biology)

Keenan Hartert will present on “Genetic Analysis of Lymphoma Tumors” at the annual American Society of Hematology Conference on December 7, 2019.

Laura Burrack (Biology)

Laura Burrack contributed to an article published in PLoS Biology. The piece focuses on better understanding how fungal pathogens evolve and change their genomes.