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Joaquín Villanueva (Geography)

Joaquín Villanueva presented his work “Theorizing Access: Justice, Rights, and Legal Knowledge” at the 2017 American Association of Geographers Annual Conference in Boston.

Joaquín Villanueva (Geography)

Joaquín Villanueva had his article “Court pedagogies and the construction of passive ordinary citizens in the French banlieue” published in the special issue “Governance, Peace, and Citizenship” of the journal Space and Polity.

Anna Hulseberg (Library) and Anna Versluis (Geography)

Anna Hulseberg and Anna Versluis published an article titled “Integrating Information Literacy into an Undergraduate Geography Research Methods Course” in College & Undergraduate Libraries (vol. 24 2017, issue 1).

Joaquín Villanueva (Geography)

Joaquín Villanueva published the chapter “Mobile authority: Prosecutorial spaces in the Parisian banlieue” in the book Carceral Mobilities: Interrogating Movement in Incarceration, edited by Jennifer Turner and Kimberley Peters. Villanueva also organized, edited, and wrote the introduction to the symposium “Did we accomplish the revolution in geographic thought?” The introduction is available online at https://antipodefoundation.org.

Carlos Mario Mejía Suárez (Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)

Carlos Mario Mejía Suárez published an article “Los hombres y sus barbas: visibilidad y atenuación del deseo homosexual en ‘Tercer Fausto’ de Salvador Novo” [“Men and their Beards: Visibility and Attenuation of Homosexual Desire in Salvador Novo’s ‘The Third Faust’.”] in the November issue of Chasqui, journal of Latin American Literature 45.2. The article is […]

Joaquín Villanueva (Geography)

Joaquín published a chapter “Rights” in Mark Jayne and Kevin Ward’s (2016) Urban Theory: New Critical Perspectives, Routledge. The book introduces urban theoretical debates to undergraduate and early graduate students.

Robert Moline, 1987 Carlson Award Winner, Geography Department

Robert Moline Each year the members of the faculty of Gustavus Adolphus College publish dozens of scholarly articles and books and deliver scores of learned papers at professional meetings. But what feeds our research and what we care most about is our teaching. Cinema has its Oscar and television its Emmy. At Gustavus, the pinnacle […]

Joaquín Villanueva (Geography)

Joaquín Villanueva co-authored and article that was recently published in the journal ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies, entitled “Capturing Urban Change: Contrasts, Lapses and Contradictions in the Urban Landscape.” Research for this article was first presented at a Faculty Shop Talk in 2014.