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Stephanie Otto (Health and Exercise Science)

Stephanie Otto published an article in the Journal of Physical Activity Research entitled, “Pedometer Measured Step Counts and Bone Mineral Density among Premenopausal Women.” She also recently presented on BMI as a Predictor of Bone Mineral Density among Premenopausal Women” at the 2019 American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Conference and was named a […]

Hayley Russell (Health and Exercise Science)

Hayley Russell presented about student-athlete mental health to athletes, coaches, and athletic administrators at Wayne State College, Nebraska.

Hayley Russell, 2019 Swenson-Bunn Memorial Award for Teaching Winner, Health and Exercise Science Department

Hayley Russell was selected as the 2019 recipient of the Swenson-Bunn Memorial Award for Teaching. The award honors the memory of two Gustavus students and members of the Student Senate, Greg Swenson and Holly Bunn, who were killed in a car accident in 1989. Presented each year at Honors Day, this is the only award […]

Mary Westby and Hayley Russell (Health and Exercise Science)

Mary Westby and Hayley Russell had a Model Practice session accepted at the 2019 National Athletic Trainers’ Association Athletic Training Educators Conference. The session was presented by Westby on February 17, 2019, in Dallas. The session on “Teaching Psychology of Injury without a Stand-alone Class” was a presentation of a three-part workshop that Westby and […]

Hayley Russell (Health and Exercise Science)

Hayley Russell and a colleague at Wilfrid Laurier University published a chapter titled “Reactions to Concussion Rehabilitation” in The Psychology of Sport and Performance Injury: An Interprofessional Case-Based Approach.

Hayley Russell (Health and Exercise Science)

Hayley Russell, with colleagues and a former student from the University of Minnesota, published an article in Sport Sciences for Health examining if core training and plyometric training can improve performance and prevent injury and muscle damage in marathon runners.

Mary Westby and Liz Drake (Health and Exercise Science)

Mary Westby and Liz Drake presented at the Minnesota Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium on April 28, 2018, in Duluth. The two presented on “Evidence Based Practice – How To Find Literature And How To Evaluate Literature.”

Hayley Russell (Health and Exercise Science)

Hayley Russell published an article, “Physical Activity in Former Competitive Athletes: The Physical and Psychological Impact of Musculoskeletal Injury” in Quest. Although competitive athletes exceed recommendations for physical activity while they are competing in sport, this does not necessarily translate into regular physical activity after retirement from sport. In this paper, we propose the physical […]

Hayley Russell (Health and Exercise Science)

Hayley Russell, along with colleagues from the University of Minnesota Diane Wiese-Bjornstal and Andrew White, published two chapters in Sage Research Methods Cases exploring research methods to examine training and injury experience in long-distance runners. Russell, with colleagues Julia Dutove (Minnesota State University-Mankato) and Lori Dithurbide (Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia), also published a book […]

Mary Joos (Health and Exercise Science)

Mary Joos has been awarded two scholarships for her doctoral work: The GLATA Living Pinky Newell Graduate Scholarship from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association and the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers’ Association as well as the MATA Post Professional Level Scholarship from the Minnesota Athletic Trainers’ Association. Joos is currently in her second year of doctoral […]