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Faculty Spotlight: Kathy Lund Dean

Kathy Lund Dean (Business and Economics) has published “Rebordering the total institution: Designing thriving business schools through creative resourcing and educator agency” in the Academy of Management Learning and Education’s special forum on COVID-19 impacts and institutional recovery strategies. Comparing academic work during lockdown conditions to Goffman’s total institution, Kathy argues that a thriving post-lockdown […]

Faulty Spotlight: Marta Podemska-Mikluch

Marta Podemska-Mikluch’s (Business and Economics) chapter, “Entangled Political Economy and the Viennese Students of Civilization,” was recently published in the volume Research Agenda for Austrian Economics, part of the Elgar Research Agendas series. This work delves into the intricate relationship between the Viennese students of civilization, a term coined by Erwin Dekker to describe Austrian […]

Faculty Spotlight: Kathy Lund Dean

Kathy Lund Dean (Business and Economics) published the article “Building a Community of Practice: Insights From Vicarious Learning and Crowdsourcing” in the journal Management Teaching Review. Co-authored with members of her own experiential teaching community of practice, the article shares practical tips for integrating others’ insights into our own teaching activities. Also, in June, Lund […]