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History, Biology, and Whales

What can you do with a History degree from Gustavus? The answers are varied and interesting! For example, Nadine Lysiak ’03, majored in Biology and History (with Honors) and went on to earn an MA and PhD in Marine Biology from Boston University (’07, ’09). Her studies led to an ongoing research and teaching career […]

Fake News Versus the Liberal Arts

Last December 4, Maddison Welch made a horrific choice. Armed with an AR-15, a shotgun, and a handgun, the 28-year old father of two drove 350 miles from Salisbury, N.C., to a pizzeria in the District of Columbia. He had read articles on social media and watched YouTube videos insisting that Comet Ping Pong was […]

Glenn Kranking (History and Scandinavian Studies)

Glenn Kranking presented “Russia’s Posturing: Northern European Security in Historical Perspective” and chaired a session on “Lutheranism Turns 500” at the annual Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study conference. He sits on the Executive Advisory Board of SASS, and just completed his term as President of the Society of Historians of Scandinavia.

History Matters at MATTER

Since graduating from Gustavus with a History major in 2014, Katie Schlangen has gone from teaching English in Korea to traveling to the African nations of Mali and Togo in her current capacity as International Hospital and Clinic Program Coordinator for MATTER, a Twin-Cities based international NGO. As Katie notes, MATTER “is starting a movement […]

From History Major to Lobbyist

What can you do with a Gustavus History major? Perhaps better to ask, is there anything you can’t do? Following graduation, Bradley Peterson, History Honors, ’98, worked for Anderson Consulting (now Accenture). He then went to law school at Hamline, receiving his JD in 2005. For a time he lobbied on behalf of the American […]

Maddalena Marinari (History)

Maddalena Marinari recently contributed a post to the History Unfolded blog about an assignment that asked students in her U.S. and WWII class last spring to locate articles chronicling the Holocaust in local newspapers. History Unfolded is an initiative of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to collect information about what Americans knew about the […]

Maddalena Marinari (History)

Maddalena Marinari recently collaborated with immigration scholars across the country to place the executive order on the immigration ban in its historical context for Public Radio International.

Kathleen Keller (History)

Kathleen Keller (History) was awarded a $6,000 grant for summer research in France from the American Philosophical Society Franklin Grant.

History Major in the Pulpit

Pastor Julie Smith offers more evidence that History majors are everywhere, in virtually every walk of life, even where and when you might least expect them. Following her graduation from Gustavus in 1994 with a double major in Religion and History, Julie attended Luther Seminary, and from there has held a series of pastorates in […]

Maddalena Marinari (History)

Maddalena Marinari was a leading organizer of a University of Minnesota Immigration History Research Center project called #ImmigrationSyllabus. The educational resource helps the public understand the deep historical roots of today’s immigration debates by providing historical context on immigration reform, integration, and citizenship.