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Lucie Holmgreen (Psychological Science)

Lucie Holmgreen published a book chapter, “Conservation of resources theory: Resource caravans and passageways in health contexts” in The Handbook of Stress and Health: A Guide to Research and Practice.

Lucie Holmgreen (Psychological Science)

Lucie Holmgreen published an article, “Men’s sexual coerciveness, perceptions of women’s attachment, and dating preferences” in Violence and Victims. Holmgreen published a study demonstrating that sexually coercive men may be more attracted to women with characteristics associated with sexual vulnerability. Additionally, her study shows that men perceive women differently based on women’s characteristic ways of […]

Janine Wotton (Psychological Science) and Michael Ferragamo (Biology and Psychological Science)

Janine Wotton and Michael Ferragamo published an article titled “Using the tools of behavioral neuroscience to determine the identity of different mouse strains in a laboratory course” in the Journal for Undergraduate Neuroscience Education, Fall issue 2017.

Kyle Chambers (Psychological Science)

Kyle Chambers recently presented “Helping our communities and transforming our students by incorporating community-engaged projects” at the Teaching Institute of the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) in Austin, TX.

John Kendall, 1973 Carlson Award Winner, Psychology Department

John Kendall The Edgar M. Carlson Award for innovative teaching was established by the Board of Trustees of Gustavus Adolphus College to honor the long and outstanding period of leadership Dr. Carlson gave the college. In honor of Dr. Carlson, one teacher is recognized annually for outstanding teaching on this campus. The Edgar M. Carlson […]

Kyle Chambers (Psychological Science)

Kyle Chambers co-authored an empirical article, “Listeners learn phonotactic patterns conditioned on suprasegmental cues,” with Katherine White, Zachary Miller, and Vibhuti Jethava (University of Waterloo) that will be published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. This work includes contributions from student research assistants Gustavus’s Center for Developmental Science in particular, Elle Vetter ’17.

Lucie Holmgreen (Psychological Science)

Gustavus welcomes our new tenure-track colleague, Lucie Holmgreen. Lucie will join the Department of Psychological Science in January 2017. Holmgreen holds bachelor’s degree from the Ohio State University and both a master’s degree and Ph.D. from Marquette University. Her primary clinical and research specialties include: college sexual assault, sexual re-victimization and sexual aggression, posttraumatic stress […]

Marie Walker (Psychological Science)

Marie Walker and Emma Iverson ’10, published an article in Emerging Adulthood titled, “Identity Development and Political Self-Regulation in Emerging Adult Political Attitudes and Behavior.”