History Major in the Pulpit

Posted on February 6th, 2017 by

Pastor Julie Smith offers more evidence that History majors are everywhere, in virtually every walk of life, even where and when you might least expect them.

Following her graduation from Gustavus in 1994 with a double major in Religion and History, Julie attended Luther Seminary, and from there has held a series of pastorates in Minnesota, including the towns of Clearfield, Bock, and, currently, Springfield, where she is pastor of St. Johns Lutheran Church.

Julie has also served in various other leadership positions, including as Executive Director of Camp Onamia (MN) and Dean of Students at St. Paul Lutheran seminary.

She remains as interested in history as ever, and regularly draws on her historical thinking and writing skills, as well as her religion studies, when crafting her sermons.

In her service and leadership, Julie wonderfully exemplifies the mission and values of the Religion and History Departments, the Gustavus Humanities Division, and the College itself.

She and Prof. Greg Kaster of the History Department recently caught up with one another in person twenty-two years later over a lively and delightful lunch on campus.


Greg Kaster
Professor of History


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