Faculty Spotlight: Carlos Mejia Suarez

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Professor Carlos Mario Mejía Suárez, Professor of Spanish in the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures recently published two short stories in different journals in Latin America. “Licantropía” was published in Revista Alborismos 10 (Venezuela) in December and it tells the story of a writer who becomes dispossessed in Paris and eventually found at an asylum by a scholar who studies her work. This story is inspired by the life of Colombian novelist Marvel Moreno. “El niño y el diablo” [“The Kid and the Devil”] was published in Primera Página (Mexico) and it tells the story of a boy who finds himself alone in his own house, being mocked and chased by a little lizard-like devil.

Professor Mejía Suárez has also recently co-authored with Carlos Gardeazábal Bravo and David Vásquez Hurtado the blog “Politics in the Streets: Colombian People’s Resistance to the State of Exception” on the historical background to police repression in Colombia and how . The blog appeared in the site Critical Legal Thinking.

Finally, professor Mejía Suárez published the article “Imagen, grito y palabra” [“Image, Scream, and Word”] in the dossier New Perspectives on Violence in Contemporary Colombian Cultural Production published by A contracorriente 20. The article analyzes the role of archives of non-verbal materials in the representation of archives of violence in Colombian contemporary narratives. The article focuses on “Un poema en el bolsillo” [“A Poem in the Pocket”] by Héctor Abad Faciolince, La forma de las ruinas [The Shape of the Ruins] by Juan Gabriel Vásquez, and La ceiba de la memoria [The Ceiba of Memory] by Roberto Burgos Cantor.


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