From History B.A. to Nestlé S.A.

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Gustavus History Professor Greg Kaster and History Alum Allie Skjerven Boyd at The Local in Downtown Minneapolis

Professor Greg Kaster and history alum Allie Skjerven Boyd at The Local in Downtown Minneapolis

At Gustavus, Allie Skjerven Boyd, Class of 2010, double-majored in Russian and history. Not long after graduating she was hired by Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage corporation, where she is currently a Customer Account Associate for the mega-company’s Target (as in the department store) Team.

An unusual combination, humanities and business? Hardly. Allie’s experience is typical of many humanities graduates at Gustavus and nationally who secure employment in the private sector and whose humanities education is in fact an asset in the corporate setting.

During a recent lunch in Minneapolis with Gustavus History Professor Greg Kaster, Allie stressed that the research and communication skills she honed as a liberal arts student and history major serve her well at Nestlé every day.

Her advice to Gustavus students: work hard, learn how to communicate with diverse people, and “be an influencer.”

Allie, clearly, has done all three.


Greg Kaster
Professor of History


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