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Faculty Spotlight: Maria Isabel Kalbermatten

Maria Isabel Kalbermatten (Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures) co-authored the article “Tato Bores, Monólogo 2000: carnaval, sátira política y destrucción de la autoridad” (In Spanish) with Alicia Ocampo. Examining the discourse of the renowned Argentine humorist Mauricio Benjamín Borensztein (1927–1996), known as Tato Bores, the authors delve into his iconic televised political monologues from 1957 […]

Faculty Spotlight: Hayley Russell, Rachel Flynn, and Lauren Hecht

Hayley Russell (Health and Exercise Science), Rachel Flynn (Library), and Lauren Hecht, (Psychological Science) presented “Critical Consumption and Production of Psychological Information” at the Society for the Teaching of Psychology’s Annual Conference on Teaching.

Faculty Spotlight: Lauren Hecht and Hayley Russell

Lauren Hecht (Psychological Science) Annika Anderson ’24, Teegan Jass ’24, and Hayley Russell, (Health and Exercise Science) gave a presentation titled “(Re)Building an Effective and Sustainable Peer Educator Program” at the Annual Conference in the First Year Experience in Seattle, WA. Lauren and Hayley shared their experience developing and leading the Peer MALT program, while […]

Faculty Spotlight: Glenn Kranking

Glenn Kranking (History and Scandinavian Studies) was the invited speaker for the Twin Cities Estonian community’s Estonian Independence Day celebration.

Faculty Spotlight: Kate Knutson

Kate Knutson (Political Science) published an open-access, online textbook, An Introduction to U.S. Public Policy: Theory and Practice, through the Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project. The book features essays from Gustavus alumni including Henry Adebisi ’18, Jessye Flannery ’13, Kaleb Rumicho ’09, Samantha Vang ’16, Mikka McCracken ’09, and Marcus Schmit ’07, as well as writing […]

Faculty Spotlight: Kristen Lowe

Kristen Lowe (Art and Art History) attended and presented her research on neuroaesthetics at the Spatial Oddity conference held at the Research Center for Communication and Culture at Catolica University in Lisboa, Portugal, in January 2024.