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Faculty Spotlight: Dwight Stoll

Dwight Stoll (Chemistry) received a grant from Eli Lilly and Company for the project “Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography for New Pharmaceutical Modalities” ($170,000).

Faculty Spotlight: Darsa Donelan

Darsa Donelan (Physics) has received a $394.25 grant from the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers for the project, “Gustavus Radio JOVE.”

Faculty Spotlight: Dwight Stoll

Dwight Stoll (Chemistry) received a grants from MJH Associates for work on Columns ($17,732) and Podcasts ($3,000).

Faculty Spotlight: Patricia English-Schneider

Patricia English-Schneider published the book Narrative and Grief: Autoethnographies of Loss (Lexington Publishing) with Deleasa Randall-Griffiths this past May.

Faulty Spotlight: Marta Podemska-Mikluch

Marta Podemska-Mikluch’s (Business and Economics) chapter, “Entangled Political Economy and the Viennese Students of Civilization,” was recently published in the volume Research Agenda for Austrian Economics, part of the Elgar Research Agendas series. This work delves into the intricate relationship between the Viennese students of civilization, a term coined by Erwin Dekker to describe Austrian […]

Faculty Spotlight: Jeff La Frenierre

Jeff La Frenierre (Environment, Geography, and Earth Sciences)and collaborators from the University of Minnesota, Penn State University, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of North Carolina were awarded a National Science Foundation grant totaling $2.99 million for the four-year project, “From Peaks To Slopes To Communities, Tropical Glacierized Volcanoes As Sentinels of Global Change: Integrated […]

Faculty Spotlight: Glenn Kranking

Glenn Kranking (History and Scandinavian Studies) was a lecturer and expert on a Baltic Sea cruise with Smithsonian Journeys, giving lectures on Nordic and Baltic history, and answering questions on Russia and the Baltic Sea region.

Faculty Spotlight: Thia Cooper

Thia Cooper (Religion) will preach a sermon at the pre-Pride community worship service on Saturday Sept. 9 at the First Presbyterian Church of Mankato. A communitywide service will follow at 9:30, then a people-of-faith walk will proceed to the start of the Pride Parade to join the broader congregations for the South Central Minnesota Pride […]

Faculty Spotlight: Kathy Lund Dean

Kathy Lund Dean (Business and Economics) published the article “Building a Community of Practice: Insights From Vicarious Learning and Crowdsourcing” in the journal Management Teaching Review. Co-authored with members of her own experiential teaching community of practice, the article shares practical tips for integrating others’ insights into our own teaching activities. Also, in June, Lund […]

Faculty Spotlight: Erik Gulbranson

Erik Gulbranson (Environment, Geography, and Earth Sciences) recently co-authored a manuscript entitled “A lithostratigraphic reappraisal of a Permian-Triassic fluvial succession at Allan Hills (Antarctica) and implications for the terrestrial end-Permian extinction event” in the journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.