Intersections: Number 57 (Spring 2023)

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Intersections is a publication by and largely for the academic communities of the twenty-seven institutions that comprise the Network of ELCA Colleges and Universities (NECU). Each issue reflects on the intersection of faith, learning, and teaching within Lutheran higher education. It is published by the NECU, and has its home in the Presidential Center for Faith and Learning at Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, the institutional sponsor of the publication. Intersections extends and enhances discussions fostered by the annual Vocation of Lutheran Higher Education Conference, together lifting up the vocation of Lutheran colleges and universities. It aims to raise the level of awareness among faculty, staff, and administration about the Lutheran heritage and church-relatedness of their institutions, especially as these intersect with contemporary challenges, opportunities, and initiatives.

Here is the Spring 2023 issue of Intersections*: Vocation (in) Disruption (titles and links to individual contributions can be found by accessing this link). In this issue, you will find: 

  • pieces on finding vocation amidst disruption 

  • pieces on being called to disruption as a vocation, including several pieces reflecting on reproductive rights in light of the recent decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (2022) and the ELCA Social Statement on Abortion (1991). 

  • a Study Guide for So That All May Flourish: The Aims of Lutheran Higher Education with

    • chapter summaries

    • 2-3 focus questions

    • information about the authors. 

Please read and/or forward this issue as you can and share the whole issue or individual pieces widely (across professional networks, on social media, linked to college/university websites, etc.). 

Invitation to contribute: “Fall 2023 Vocation and the Flourishing of Educators” (broadly construed). We invite pieces on how educators, broadly construed to mean all who work at colleges and universities, might care for ourselves and “neighbor” one another, even as we care for students experiencing their own stresses and anxieties. What Lutheran theological roots and institutional practices empower educators not simply to survive our overlapping crises, but to become fully alive—to flourish—in mind, body, and spirit? Perspectives from all areas of Higher Education at Lutheran colleges and universities are welcome, including students. We publish both short reflections of 500-600 words and features of 1000-2500 words. Contributions are due September 1, 2023. If you would like to be in conversation about an idea that is brewing, please be in touch with the editor, Colleen Windham-Hughes: 


Full Issue, Number 57 (Spring 2023)


About the Cover – Joe Cibere

From the Publisher: Introduction and Invitation – Rev. Lamont Anthony Wells

From the Editor: Vocation [in] Disruption – Colleen Windham-Hughes

So That All May Flourish study guide

“Miracles are no longer required”–Life Writing as a Healing Tool – Barbara Reul

The Power of Ritual Action and George Floyd Square – Mary Clare Tiede Hottinger

Be Like Jesus: Flip Some Tables – Jessica Easter

Necessary Disruptions: Centering Vocation in the Common Good – Erin VanLaningham

Where Disruption and Vocation Meet: One Path Toward Teaching Reproductive Justice in Challenging Times – Lena R. Hann

The Duty to Teach and Restore Bodily Autonomy: Reflections from the Classroom – Cynthia Richards

Turning to a Reproductive Justice Framework for Inclusive Dialogue across Differences – Jenny M. James

A Reconsideration of the Political Approach to Abortion – Sophia Cruz Ponce

Take Heart: Is Neutrality Really What We Need Right Now? – Abbylynn Helgevold

Views on Flourishing After the Age of Roe – Caryn D. Riswold and Mary J. Streufert


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