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Faculty Spotlight: Carlos Mejia Suarez

Professor Carlos Mario Mejía Suárez, Professor of Spanish in the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures recently published two short stories in different journals in Latin America. “Licantropía” was published in Revista Alborismos 10 (Venezuela) in December and it tells the story of a writer who becomes dispossessed in Paris and eventually found at […]

Faculty Spotlight: Lisa Heldke

Lisa Heldke’s (Philosophy) story “The Potluck League” was published in the latest issue of the journal Food, Culture & Society.

Faculty Spotlight: Peg O’Connor

Peg O’Connor (Philosophy) is prominently featured in “Is Dry January a Little too Dry for you?” in Salon magazine.

Faculty Spotlight: Blake Couey

Blake Couey (Religion) presented a paper titled “Animal Cognition in the Book of Isaiah” at the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in Denver in November 2022. It is part of a larger project that explores the biblical book Isaiah through the interdisciplinary perspective of animal studies. He also had an article, “Hide […]

Gustavus History Professor Publishes Essay in the Washington Post

Professor Kathleen Keller of the history department published an essay in the Washington Post on Tuesday January 10, 2023, titled “China’s Increased Surveillance Capacity Could be Dangerous.” The essay appeared in the Made by History section of the Post which provides historical context to current events. Connecting to recent news about surveillance in China related […]

Faculty Spotlight: Hayley Russell

Hayley Russell (Health and Exercise Science), Charlie Potts (Dean of Students Office), and Emma Nelson ’22 had a research paper published in the Recreational Sports Journal. The paper —”If it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen: Perceived Psychosocial Implications of Strava Use in Collegiate Club Runners”— examined how college-aged runners utilize Strava, a fitness-tracking social […]

Faculty Spotlight: Hayley Russell

Hayley Russell (Health and Exercise Science) was interviewed for an article in Women’s Running Magazine titled, “Tips for a Positive Post-Season Retrospective: A sports psychologist’s top tips for managing the comparison trap and focusing on next year.”