Rebecca Fremo: Teaching at Gustavus Posted on November 22nd, 2022 by

2013 Carlson Award Winner, Rebecca Fremo, English Department

Rebecca Fremo

“Writing is the ultimate creative act. It’s how we craft and share our vision of the world, and how we remake ourselves and tell our stories. And what if, as I write, my thinking changes? I revise. Here at Gustavus, I’m happiest when I sit down with student writers as they recreate themselves through writing. Imagine the thrill of working with brand new first-year students as they try on new discourses, reimagining themselves as biologists and nurses and poets and teachers? And then, four years later, there they are! Not just on the page, but heading out into the world.”

— Rebecca Fremo,
Professor of English
2013 Winner of the Edgar M. Carlson
Award for Distinguished Teaching


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