Intersections: Number 56 (Fall 2022)

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Intersections is a publication by and largely for the academic communities of the twenty-seven institutions that comprise the Network of ELCA Colleges and Universities (NECU). Each issue reflects on the intersection of faith, learning, and teaching within Lutheran higher education. It is published by the NECU, and has its home in the Presidential Center for Faith and Learning at Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, the institutional sponsor of the publication. Intersections extends and enhances discussions fostered by the annual Vocation of Lutheran Higher Education Conference, together lifting up the vocation of Lutheran colleges and universities. It aims to raise the level of awareness among faculty, staff, and administration about the Lutheran heritage and church-relatedness of their institutions, especially as these intersect with contemporary challenges, opportunities, and initiatives.

Invitation to contribute: “Vocation (in) Disruption” is the theme for Issue 57, due to drop in March 2023. We invite pieces on finding vocation amidst disruption as well as being called to disruption as a vocation. Perspectives from all areas of Higher Education at Lutheran colleges and universities are welcome, including students. We publish both short reflections of 500-600 words and features of 1000-2000 words. If you would like to be in conversation about an idea that is brewing, please be in touch with the editorial team: Colleen Windham-Hughes and/or Jessica Easter 


Full Issue, Number 56 Fall 2022


From the Editor: Why All This Talk About Vocation? – Colleen Windham-Hughes

Why All This Talk About Understanding the Mission of NECU Member Institutions as a Vocation? – Mark Wilhelm

Response to Mark Wilhelm: Vocation, Mission and Privilege – Marit Trelstad

Response to Mark Wilhelm: DEI, Great; DWS (Dismantling White Supremacy), Even Better – Vic Thasiah

Response to Mark Wilhelm: Distinguishing Between Identity and Vocation – Andrew Tucker

Response to Mark Wilhelm: Vocation – Wide Perspective Questions – Mary-Paula Cancienne

Response to Mark Wilhelm: Adopting the Framework of ‘Because’ and ‘Therefore’ – Paul C. Pribbenow

Work Works – Julius Crump

Why All This Talk About Vocation? – Madyson Ray

LibGuide: Introduction to Womanist Theology – Elli Cucksey

Doing the Work One’s Soul Must Have – Yolanda M. Norton and Beverly Wallace



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