Intersections: Number 55 (Spring 2022)

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Intersections a publication of the Network of ELCA Colleges and Universities (NECU) that considers the “intersection” of faith, learning, and the vocation of Lutheran higher education. This Spring’s issue is entitled, “Called and Empowered (and Assessed).” In it, our colleagues from across NECU share some of the creative ways that they are educating for vocation and assessing that work, often as supported by the Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE). Please read this issue when you can and share widely (on social media, websites, etc.)

You can direct ideas for essays or themes for future issues to the incoming Intersections editor, Colleen Windham-Hughes of Augustana College (

Full Issue

Full Issue, Number 55, Spring 2022…


About the Artist

From the Publisher
Mark Wilhelm

From the Outgoing Editor
Jason Mahn

From the Incoming Editor
Colleen Windham-Hughes

Building a Developmental Framework for Vocational Reflection at Thiel College
Brian Riddle, Liza Anne Schaef, and Greg Q. Butcher

Assessing Self-Assessment Instruments at Finlandia University
René Johnson

Pivoting to Imaginative Programming in the Midst of the Pandemic at Bethany College
Arminta Fox

Reshaping Teacher Education through Anti-Racist Curricula at Roanoke College
Lisa G. Stoneman, Jennifer S. McCloud, and Karin Kaerwer

Serving and Building Community at Concordia College
Larry Papenfuss

Sharing the Gift of Vocation at (and beyond) Augsburg University
Paul C. Pribbenow

Assessing the Value of Liberal Arts: A Review of The Evidence Liberal Arts Needs, by Richard A. Detweiler
Robert D. Haak


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