Ursula Lindqvist, Kjerstin Moody, and David Jessup (Scandinavian Studies) Posted on October 27th, 2016 by

Ursula Lindqvist, Kjerstin Moody, and David Jessup participated in the annual Sweden Symposium of the Association of Swedish Teachers and Researchers in America (ASTRA) held in Boulder, Colorado, October 20-22. This year’s theme was “Sweden in the World, the World in Sweden.” This was Professor Lindqvist’s final year presiding over the organization as president, so she was honored with a gift following the organization’s business meeting.


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  1. Peter Ford says:

    I am glad that GAC is still concerned about keeping its Swedish roots. To have Swedish roots is to have an anchor to a different time, when Swedes ventured to the new world. Our name was Anderson, but switched it to Ford to be less “immigrantish” in the 1920s. Sweden in the world and the world in Sweden. That’s great and it made me contemplate what Sweden has provided the world.

    Thanks again – Peter Ford, Class of ’84