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Yurie Hong (Classics)

Yurie Hong delivered three talks at Concordia Moorhead as the Grose Memorial Lecturer: “Suffering and Status in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter: Reflections on Family History and Arranged Marriage in Greece and Korea,” “Trojan Horse/Trojan Women: Cause, Complicity, and Consequence in Virgil and Euripides,” and “Birthing Ideas in Ancient Greece and the Modern World: A […]

Mary R. McHugh (Classics)

Mary R. McHugh published an essay, “Plato’s Timaeus and Time,” delivered at the first Fonte Aretusa Conference in Siracusa, Sicily in 2015. The essay was published by Parnassos Press in a volume entitled Plato at Syracuse: Essays on Plato in Western Greece with a new translation of the Seventh Letter by Jonah Radding, edited by Heather L. Reid and Mark […]

Yurie Hong (Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies)

Yurie Hong was the panel respondent and keynote speaker for Carleton’s Undergraduate Classics Research Symposium on the topic of Ancient Identities. Her talk focused on the construction of identity in ancient literature and the importance of the humanities in the development of students intellectual, personal, and civic identities today.

J-Term Course: Egypt and the Near East

January Term trip to the Oriental Institute Museum This J-Term I offered a new course: Egypt and the Near East. The idea for this course came out of discussions we had in the Department of Classics about expanding our definition of ‘Classics’ chronologically and geographically to situate the Greeks and Romans in a broader historical […]

Yurie Hong (Greek, Latin, and Classics Studies)

Yurie Hong presented a paper entitled “Bringing the Outside In: Incorporating Marginalized Identities and Modern Topics into an Introductory Myth Course” in January at the annual meeting of the Society for Classical Studies in San Diego.

Seán Easton (Classics)

Seán Easton published a chapter entitled “The Dueling Greek Golden Ages of 300: Rise of an Empire (2014)” in the edited volume Screening the Golden Ages of the Classical Tradition, published by the Edinburgh Press.

Seán Easton (Classics)

Seán Easton presented a paper entitled “The Pedagogical Value of Combining Conflict Resolution Models and Premodern History” at the annual meeting of the Peace and Justice Studies Association at Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

Seán Easton (Classics)

Seán Easton published a book review in 2016 in the Bryn Mawr Classical Review Online of Marta García Morcillo, Pauline Hanesworth, Óscar Lapeña Marchena (ed.), Imagining Ancient Cities in Film: From Babylon to Cinecittà. Routledge studies in ancient history, 9. New York; London: Routledge, 2015.

Eric Dugdale (Classics) and Loramy Gerstbauer (Political Science)

Eric Dugdale  and Loramy Gerstbauer published an article, “Forms of Justice in Aeschylus’ Eumenides” in Polis, the Journal for Ancient Political Science. The article was part of the Möbius Initiative, which supports collaboration across disciplinary boundaries.

Yurie Hong (Classics)

Yurie Hong delivered an invited lecture “Classics at the Intersection of the Personal and the Professional” at Fairfield University’s “21st Century Women and Greek Tragedy” event series on Nov. 2. She also delivered a presentation “Classical Connections: Science and the Humanities” to students and faculty involved in the Sunoikisis Classical Consortium on Ancient Medicine on […]