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Eric Dugdale (Classics) and Loramy Gerstbauer (Political Science)

Eric Dugdale  and Loramy Gerstbauer published an article, “Forms of Justice in Aeschylus’ Eumenides” in Polis, the Journal for Ancient Political Science. The article was part of the Möbius Initiative, which supports collaboration across disciplinary boundaries.

Yurie Hong (Classics)

Yurie Hong delivered an invited lecture “Classics at the Intersection of the Personal and the Professional” at Fairfield University’s “21st Century Women and Greek Tragedy” event series on Nov. 2. She also delivered a presentation “Classical Connections: Science and the Humanities” to students and faculty involved in the Sunoikisis Classical Consortium on Ancient Medicine on […]

Eric Dugdale (Classics)

Eric Dugdale co-authored with Nicholas Beck ’16, Caitilin Juvland ’16, and Ellen Stoll ’16 a book chapter “Philoctetes” in Brill’s Companion to the Reception of Sophocles.

Yurie Hong (Classics)

Yurie Hong delivered a presentation entitled “Teaching Foundation Myths and the Musical ‘Hamilton’ in a Mythology Class” at the annual meeting of the Classical Association of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

Eric Dugdale (Classics)

Eric Dugdale had his article titled “Of This and That: The Recognition Formula in Sophocles’ Electra” published in volume 147 of TAPA, the research publication of the Society of Classical Studies.

Yurie Hong (Classics)

Yurie Hong published an article entitled “Playing Zeus: Reproductive Technology and Lessons from Hesiod” in the online journal Eidolon. This article developed out of the planning of the upcoming Nobel Conference on Reproductive Technologies. It examines the Greek poet Hesiod’s retelling of the myths of Zeus’ rise and the birth of Athena to reflect on […]

Matthew Panciera, 2014 Carlson Award Winner, Classics Department

Matthew Panciera Each year at commencement a faculty member is honored with the Edgar M. Carlson Award for Distinguished Teaching in recognition of his or her exceptional skill and effectiveness as an instructor. The 2014 recipient is Matt Panciera, PhD, associate professor of classics at Gustavus. Professor Panciera “makes Gustavus a special place, where students […]

Marlene Flory, 1991 Carlson Award Winner, Classics Department

Marlene Flory About this year’s Carlson Award winner, students sometimes tell only half the story. One freshman says this instructor is “always demanding, requiring us to work to our potential.” A sophomore says: “knows what questions to ask in order to make you think…tough, but well worth it.” Hearing this alone, we might conclude that […]

William Freiert, 1986 Carlson Award Winner, Classics Department

William Freiert The Edgar M. Carlson Award for Distinguished Teaching dates back to 1971 when the Board of Trustees of Gustavus Adolphus College established this award to honor Dr. Edgar M. Carlson for his outstanding leadership and deep commitment to strengthening and maintaining the fine academic program at this college. Each year, students, faculty and […]

Will Freiert, 2005 Faculty Service Award Winner, Classics Department

Will Freiert was selected as the 2005 recipient of the Gustavus Faculty Service Award. Presented each year at Founder’s Day, this award is the highest accolade a Gustavus faculty member can receive for distinguished service activities.