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Heidi Meyer (Nursing)

Heidi Meyer received a Bremer Trust Fund grant to purchase a high-fidelity pediatric mannequin and additional supplies to furnish a simulation suite. This grant will help furnish one of the three simulation suites that the nursing department uses for innovative and engaged teaching and learning activities.

Betsy Byers (Art and Art History)

Betsy Byers received a Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council/McKnight Professional Mid-Career Artist Grant. The grant funding awarded will be used to create work based on the melting glaciers at Glacier National Park. Paintings will be exhibited at Rosalux Gallery in a solo exhibition in February of 2018.

Virginia A. Groot Foundation Grant

Gustavus was recently awarded a $300,000 grant by the Virginia A. Groot Foundation. This grant will bring a Visiting Artist position to campus for three years and support art department programming, supplies, and capacity building. Congratulations to the Department of Art.

Kathleen Keller (History)

Kathleen Keller (History) was awarded a $6,000 grant for summer research in France from the American Philosophical Society Franklin Grant.

Yumiko Oshima-Ryan (Music)

Yumiko Oshima-Ryan received funding from the Minnesota State Arts Board for the Artist Initiative grant program in the literary and performing arts. Oshima-Ryan’s application was one of 87 applications out of a pool of 307 to be awarded a grant. A full list of grantees include dance, music, poetry, prose, and theatre.

Dwight Stoll (Chemistry)

Dwight Stoll received funding from the Agilent Technologies Foundation for the one-year project “Development of 2D-LC-MS/MS Methods for the Analysis of Host Cell Proteins (HCPs) in Monoclonal Antibody Materials.” Dwight also received funding through a University of St. Thomas grant from the State of Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund for the three-year project […]

Tom Huber (Physics)

Tom Huber has received a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation for the project “Detection of ultrasound waves in water and air using a laser interferometer.” In addition to conducting important research into the uses of ultrasound, his project provides research opportunities for students and an outreach component with the aim of attracting secondary […]

Dwight Stoll (Chemistry)

Dwight Stoll received an Agilent Technologies Foundation grant for the study of two-dimensional liquid chromatography separations of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.

Laura Triplett (Geology)

Laura Triplett received a McKnight Foundation grant to assess the effectiveness of land management strategies for reducing agricultural pollution entering the Seven Mile Creek in the Minnesota River basin by utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to environmental monitoring.

Dwight Stoll (Chemistry)

Dwight Stoll received a three-year National Science Foundation grant for the collaborative study and improvement of the quantitative performance of two-dimensional liquid chromatography, including the development of novel instrument hardware, software, and methodologies involving Agilent Technologies, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Gustavus Adolphus College.