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Alisa Rosenthal, 2012 Carlson Award Winner, Political Science Department

Alisa Rosenthal Horace Mann, the father of modern public education in America, once said, “A teacher—who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn—is hammering on cold iron.” The 2012 Edgar Carlson Award winner knows NOTHING about hammering on cold iron, as evidenced by the following statements from students: “This […]

Barbara Zust, 2011 Carlson Award Winner, Nursing Department

Barbara Zust My colleagues are gifted educators, innovative thinkers, and simply great humans. I know, because they have taught me how to teach and how to be in the world. No matter what our field or what we do, what all of us at Gustavus have in common is a commitment to students. In my […]

Leila Brammer, 2010 Carlson Award Winner, Communication Studies Department

Leila Brammer The Gustavus Adolphus College Board of Trustees established the Edgar M. Carlson Award for Distinguished Teaching in 1971 to honor former President Edgar Carlson for his years of distinguished leadership, and in recognition of his commitment to academic excellence. Gustavus students, faculty, staff, and administrators nominate professors for this award, and each year […]

Rick Orpen, 2009 Carlson Award Winner, Music Department

Rick Orpen This year’s Carlson Award winner has been described by student nominators as quiet and reserved, with a calm and collected teaching style that helps to keep students engaged in the material presented in all his courses. He has been described as completely accessible in and out of the classroom, a person who does […]

Richard Leitch, 2008 Carlson Award Winner, Political Science Department

Richard Leitch This year’s Recipient of the Edgar M. Carlson Award has received a large number of nominations, including by student majors and non-majors, first-year students through seniors. One of those students wrote, “This faculty member brings an amazing enthusiasm into the classroom. He becomes more than just your teacher but also your colleague. [He] […]

Claude Brew, 2007 Carlson Award Winner, English Department

Claude Brew Over the years, Carlson Award winners have been introduced using a variety of laudatory language. But how many of them have been compared by a colleague to “an aikido master?” This year’s winner can claim such a distinction. So, is the Carlson Award a Gustavus martial arts prize? Well, no, [but like a […]

Paul Saulnier, 2006 Carlson Award Winner, Physics Department

Paul Saulnier Choosing the Carlson winner is a difficult task, because there are many worthy teachers at Gustavus. However, there 1s no doubt that this year’s winner is a deserving one, regarded as exceptionally skilled and exceptionally effective by students and col leagues alike. Here are some comments from students: “A wonderful teacher.” “An excellent […]

Robert Gardner, 2005 Carlson Award Winner, Theatre and Dance Department

Robert Gardner In the Carlson Administration Building, in a small waiting area at the top of the stairs, there hangs a large photograph-a portrait. The photograph depicts the most recent winner of the Edgar M. Carlson Award for Distinguished Teaching, an award given each year since 1971 to a member of the Gustavus faculty, selected […]

Lisa Heldke, 2004 Carlson Award Winner, Philosophy Department

Lisa Heldke Most of us can think back to a special teacher who touched us in a significant way. Perhaps, a teacher who gently guided you in the process of finding yourself. A teacher who changed the direction of your life and affected how you view the world. A teacher who influenced you in ways […]

Cindy Johnson, 2003 Carlson Award Winner, Biology Department

Cindy Johnson Every year at commencement, I am excited to hear the announcement of the Edgar M. Carlson Award for Distinguished Teaching. The reason I find it so exciting is because I hear the voices of our students, quoted from their letters of nomination, expressing what it is they value in an outstanding teacher. This […]