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Faculty Spotlight: Pamela Conners

Pamela Conners (Communication Studies) was featured in the Mankato Free Press for her work with Gustavus students on “Welcome New Neighbor: Refugee Resettlement in Southern Minnesota 1948-1952,” an exhibition that is on display at the Treaty Site History Center in Saint Peter through March 26, 2022.

Faculty Spotlight: Shu-Ling Wang

Shu-Ling Wang (Economics and Management) has recently published her paper “Fiscal Stabilization in High-Debt Economies without Monetary Independence” (joint with Yin Germaschewski) in the Journal of Macroeconomics (forthcoming, 2022). The paper studies the welfare outcomes of six fiscal stabilization rules in Greece, a highly indebted country in a monetary union.

Faculty Spotlight: Peg O’Connor

Peg O’Connor (Philosophy) published an article, “Women Overdosing in the Pandemic,” in the International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics. Additionally, O’Connor has an article, “Are You Deceiving Yourself,” in the January/February 2022 print magazine, Psychology Today, and is also a featured contributor in that issue.

Faculty Spotlight: Lisa Heldke

Lisa Heldke (Philosophy) had papers included in two recently-published anthologies: “A Private Snack of Crackers and Butter” was published in the book Food in Memory and Imagination: Space, Place and, Taste, edited by Beth Forrest and Greg de St. Maurice (Bloomsbury). “Recipes for Theory Making” was reprinted in A Philosophy of Recipes: Making, Experiencing, and […]

Faculty Spotlight: Colleen Stockmann

Colleen Stockmann (Art and Art History) was in residence at the Huntington Library, Museum, and Botanical Gardens (San Marino, California) for the month of January 2022 completing a fellowship and conducting research for a forthcoming article on landscape and tenement housing at the turn of the 20th century. In May 2022, Stockmann will present that […]

Faculty Spotlight: Laura Triplett

Laura Triplett (Geology) was interviewed for a MPR News story about Enbridge’s Line 3 aquifer damage and the need for increased government oversight and transparency.

Faculty Spotlight: Jill Locke

Jill Locke (Political Science) facilitated a discussion, “What is the Relationship between Shame and Democracy?” for the Rochester Community College Senior Continuing Education (LIFE) program.

Faculty Spotlight: Laura Triplett and Julie Bartley

Laura Triplett and Julie Bartley (both Geology), working with Gustavus students Alex Senjem ’19, Emily Fischer ’19, Matt Allison ’21, Aidan Dahlseid ’21 and a multi-institutional team led by colleagues from the US Geological Survey, the University of Minnesota Duluth, and the Freshwater Society published an Inventory of Landslides for Minnesota as a US Geological […]

Faculty Spotlight: Hayley Russell

Hayley Russell (Health and Exercise Science) published an article titled “Injury-related psychological distress and the association with perceived running ability in injured runners” with colleagues at TRIA Orthopedic in the journal Physical Therapy in Sport.

Faculty Spotlight: Julie Bartley

Julie Bartley (Geology) and co-authors Sydney Firmin ’14 and John Berger ’15 recently published a paper entitled “Stromatolites and calcitized evaporite in a hypersaline playa lake: Rossport Formation (Mesoproterozoic, Ontario)” in the journal The Depositional Record.