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J-Term Course: Egypt and the Near East

January Term trip to the Oriental Institute Museum This J-Term I offered a new course: Egypt and the Near East. The idea for this course came out of discussions we had in the Department of Classics about expanding our definition of ‘Classics’ chronologically and geographically to situate the Greeks and Romans in a broader historical […]

Hayley Russell (Health and Exercise Science)

Hayley Russell and a colleague at Wilfrid Laurier University published a chapter titled “Reactions to Concussion Rehabilitation” in The Psychology of Sport and Performance Injury: An Interprofessional Case-Based Approach.

Lucie Holmgreen (Psychological Science)

Lucie Holmgreen co-authored an article, “BRIGHTEN Heart intervention for depression in minority older adults: Randomized controlled trial” in Health Psychology.

Yurie Hong (Greek, Latin, and Classics Studies)

Yurie Hong presented a paper entitled “Bringing the Outside In: Incorporating Marginalized Identities and Modern Topics into an Introductory Myth Course” in January at the annual meeting of the Society for Classical Studies in San Diego.

Dwight Stoll (Chemistry)

Dwight Stoll, Gabriel Leme, David Harmes, Joey Eikens (’16), and Ben Madigan (’20) (all Chemistry), along with co-authors from the University of Minnesota and Merck, Sharpe, and Dohme, published a methods paper in the journal Analytical Methods. The paper describes a novel approach to determine the pH inside of instrumentation for liquid chromatography, an environment […]

Marta Podemska-Mikluch (Economics and Management) 

Marta Podemska-Mikluch co-authored a policy brief, “How Medicare Is Hindering Health Care Innovation, and a Way Forward,” that was recently published by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. The brief borrows from a research paper by Podemska-Mikluch published earlier this year.

Laura Triplett (Geology)

Laura Triplett, Chair of Nobel Conference 54: Living Soil, accepted a letter of recognition on behalf of the College from the Minnesota Association of Professional Soils Scientists (MAPSS). MAPSS noted that the Nobel Conference “was an outstanding symposium for learning about the importance of soil and provided a forum for the public to engage with […]

Jill Locke (Political Science)

Jill Locke was invited to write an opinion piece, “Don’t count on shame to get the GOP to behave,” for the Washington Post, published December 11, 2018.

Maddalena Marinari (History) 

Maddalena Marinari recently published an article titled “Laws for a Nation of Nativists and Immigrants.” Co-authored with Julian Lim (Arizona State University), the piece is part of the forum “Nation of Immigrants” for the journal Modern American History. Given the timeliness of the forum, the publisher has made the entire forum available for free for the […]

Kathleen Keller (History)

Kathleen Keller presented a paper titled “Mamadou Alioune Kane: A perspective on work, family, and crime among Senegalese in 1930s Paris” at the Western Society for French History Annual meeting in Portland, Maine on November 2, 2018.