‘Faculty Activities’ Category

Faculty Spotlight: Jill Locke

Jill Locke (Political Science) gave a talk and Q&A at the Saint Peter Senior Center on May 4. Locke was also recently named as the next James and Patricia McPherson Endowed Professor at Gustavus.

Faculty Spotlight: Mimi Gerstbauer

Mimi Gerstbauer (Political Science) and co-authors James Huff (Wheaton College) and Vilma “Nina” Balmaceda (Duke University) published an article “Faith in Peacebuilding Assemblages in Colombia and Peru” in The International Journal of Latin American Religions.

Faculty Spotlight: Yurie Hong

Yurie Hong (Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies) delivered an invited lecture about Gender, Identity, and Classics at St. Paul Academy and Summit School’s Speaker Day.

Faculty Spotlight: Kate Aguilar

Kate Aguilar (History) was selected for the CIC Faculty Seminar on the Legacies of American Slavery at Yale (Summer 2023), along with the Southern Historical Association’s Junior Scholars’ Workshop (2023-2024). She was also awarded the 2023 North American Society for Sport Historians Dissertation Award.

Faculty Spotlight: Peg O’Connor

Peg O’Connor (Philosophy) published The Sober Philosopher Workbook for Exploring Addiction and Creating Recovery (Wildhouse Publications, 2023). Her essay, “Nothing Says Resentment Like Unfulfilled Expectations,” appears in the May issue of Psychology Today magazine.

Faculty Spotlight: Jill Locke

Jill Locke (Political Science) and Ainsley LeSure (Political Science – Brown University) published, “The Girls’ Bureau of Freedom and Social Uplift,” a futuristic essay that is part of a 50th Anniversary issue of the journal Political Theory.

Faculty Spotlight: Lydia Francis

Lydia Francis ’11 (Theatre and Dance) has illustrated Spider, Spider On the Wall, a children’s book written by her aunt, Mary Schlichting. “It was a lifelong dream to bring her beautiful story to life. We had no deadline and no publisher, but I fell in love with the idea we soon hit the ground running […]

Faculty Spotlight: Kathleen Keller

Kathleen Keller (History) was elected to the editorial board of the journal French Historical Studies.

Faculty Spotlight: Yurie Hong

Yurie Hong (Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies) delivered a keynote, “Pedagogies of Care and Connection in a Time of Perma-crisis,” at Northwestern University’s Teaching Antiquity Now conference. This talk provided framing and tools to make learning about antiquity meaningful for students today and emphasized the ways in which course goals and assessment methods can enhance […]

Faculty Spotlight: Erik Gulbranson

Erik Gulbranson (Environment, Geography, and Earth Sciences) was invited to present at the Goldschmidt 2023 Conference in Lyon, France. This talk, “A global perspective of soil-forming conditions during the late Pennsylvanian: potential stochastic forcing by geosphere–biosphere carbon pools,” will be presented in early July 2023.