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Faculty Spotlight: Maddalena Marinari

Maddalena Marinari (History) published her first monograph, Unwanted: Italian and Jewish Mobilization against Restrictive Immigration Laws, 1882–1965. The book examines how, from 1882 to 1965, Italian and Jewish reformers profoundly influenced the country’s immigration policy as they mobilized against immigration laws that marked them as undesirable.

Faculty Spotlight: Kjerstin Moody and Jeff La Frenierre

Kjerstin Moody (Scandinavian Studies) presented the talk “Global Solutions: Signs of Transition to a Positive Future” on Thursday, November 21, 2019, at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis as part of the University of Minnesota’s OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) seven-week course on “Climate Change – What Every Senior Needs to Know.” Jeff La Frenierre […]

Faculty Spotlight: Yurie Hong

Yurie Hong (Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies) participated in the Presidential Panel, “Central and Marginal in Classical Studies,” at the annual meeting of the Society for Classical Studies in Washington DC on January 5, 2020. She presented on diversity in Classics and the possibilities facing individuals and institutions going forward.

Faculty Spotlight: Darsa Donelan

Darsa Donelan (Physics), with support from departmental colleagues and physics students, won a $1,000 Women in Physics Group grant from the American Physical Society that will be used to support programming at Gustavus.

Faculty Spotlight: Yuta Kawarasaki

Yuta Kawarasaki (Biology) published an article titled “Is rapid cold-hardening an aerobic process? Characterization of changes in metabolic activity during its induction and effects of anoxia in flesh fly” in Journal of Insect Physiology with coauthors Alyssa Welle ’19 and Michael Elnitsky.

Faculty Spotlight: Barbara Zust

Barbara Zust (Nursing) along with an interprofessional team from Courage Kenny at Abbott published an article: “The feasibility of a purpose renewal intervention after treatment for early stage breast cancer: A brief report.” She also published an article “10-Year Study of Christian Church Support For Domestic Violence Victims 2005-2015.” This article was published with Katie […]

Faculty Spotlight: Martin Lang

Martin Lang (Communication Studies) co-presented “Fostering Community Learning through Collaborative Local Filmmaking” at the 2019 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference.

Faculty Spotlight: Marcia Bunge

Marcia J. Bunge (Religion) received a Curriculum Development Grant from the Interfaith Youth Core (Summer 2019). She was also was appointed Extraordinary Research Professor for a three-year term (2019-2022) at North-West University in South Africa.

Kristen Lowe (Art and Art History)

Kristen Lowe screened her short documentary, Ray Chen, Only Son, at the Landmark Center as a presenter at the 2019 NCECA conference in Minneapolis. Lowe also received a grant from the Virginia A. Groot Foundation to direct and produce a documentary short film on work made by sculptor Andrew Hellmund and participated in a podcast, […]

Marcia Bunge (Religion)

Marcia Bunge published an article entitled “Love-songs to Loam: Motivating Youth to Make a Difference by Engaging Religion and Science,” in Advances in Soil Science: Soil Degradation and Restoration in Africa, edited by Rattan Lal and B.A. Stewart.