Archive for March, 2021

Faculty Spotlight: Jill Locke

Jill Locke (Political Science) was interviewed for a KEYC News story about the U.S. House of Representatives passing the Violence Against Women Act.

Faculty Spotlight: Tom LoFaro and Jeff Ford

Tom LoFaro and Jeff Ford (Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics) had their textbook, Discovering Dynamical Systems Through Experiment and Inquiry, published by CRC Press.

Faculty Spotlight: Laura Triplett

Laura Triplett (Geology) was quoted in a Mankato Free Press article discussing her research with students in the 7 Mile Creek watershed.

Faculty Spotlight: Tom LoFaro

Tom LoFaro (Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics) was an invited speaker at the “Little Schools Dynamical Systems Seeding Conference.” This conference, funded by the American Institute of Mathematics, brings together researchers in dynamical systems from smaller institutions to foster research and collaboration.