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Faculty Spotlight: Julie Bartley

Julie Bartley (Geology) and co-authors Sydney Firmin ’14 and John Berger ’15 recently published a paper entitled “Stromatolites and calcitized evaporite in a hypersaline playa lake: Rossport Formation (Mesoproterozoic, Ontario)” in the journal The Depositional Record.

Faculty Spotlight: Greg Kaster

Greg Kaster (History) was recently interviewed by the St. Peter Herald for a story about the College’s podcast, Learning for Life @ Gustavus, which he hosts. Launched in May 2020, the podcast features in-depth interviews with Gustavus faculty, students, and alumni along with prominent academics from across the country, and has been streamed over 11,000 […]

Faculty Spotlight: Kristen Lowe

Kristen Lowe (Art and Art History) was the subject of a profile in the December issue of Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine. Written by Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, the feature story focuses on Lowe’s personal journey and context about challenges facing women artists. The piece also features her current exhibit that is on display in the Hillstrom Museum […]

Faculty Spotlight: Larissa McConnell

Larissa McConnell (Theatre and Dance) had her book Foundations of Flat Patterning and Draping – for the Female Form published through Routledge. The book provides the foundational tools necessary for success in the techniques of flat patterning and draping clothes and costumes. The techniques in this book generalize across sizes and shapes making it universally […]

Faculty Spotlight: Julie Bartley

Julie Bartley (Geology) and co-authors Ashley Manning-Berg and Tara Selly ’13 recently published “Actualistic approaches to interpreting the role of biological decomposition in microbial preservation” the journal Geobiology.

Faculty Spotlight: Lisa Heldke

Lisa Heldke (Philosophy) gave a talk for the philosophy department at Occidental College on November 8. “A Chooser Full of Choosers: Ethics in the Age of the Microbe.” Her essay “A Private Snack of Crackers and Butter” was published in the essay collection Food in Memory and Imagination, edited by Beth Forrest and Greg de […]

Faculty Spotlight: Erik Gulbranson

Erik Gulbranson (Geology) recently published a review of soil-forming environments on the former supercontinent of Gondwana in the journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. This review attempts to understand the nature of the land surface just prior to and inclusive of the most severe mass extinction in the history of life.

Faculty Spotlight: Kathy Lund Dean

Kathy Lund Dean (Economics and Management) and Cat LaCasse ’22 (Accounting) had their paper, “Not even trying to be innovative? Network ties and homophily in management research leadership” accepted for presentation at the Western Academy of Management meeting in March 2022. The paper uses social network analysis to examine ties among Academy of Management leaders […]

Faculty Spotlight: Anna Hulseberg, Michelle Twait, and Leah Zacate

Anna Hulseberg, Michelle Twait, and Leah Zacate (all of the Library) co-presented a session, “The Plot Thickens: Writing the Next Chapter for Access Services,” at the 21st Annual Brick & Click Academic Library Conference on November 5, 2021. In this virtual session, they discussed how working through the pandemic lessened barriers around library staff roles, […]

Faculty Spotlight: Marcia Bunge

Marcia Bunge (Religion) has published a collection of essays entitled Child Theology: Diverse Methods and Global Perspectives (Orbis Books). Contributors include Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox theologians from six continents. Like feminist, Black, and other liberating forms of theology, child theologies re-evaluate and reinterpret current understandings of Christian faith and life in the light of […]